Performance gains for 1LE Camaros with Loud Mouth Exhaust and BlackWing Intakes.


Car enthusiasts endlessly debate the effectiveness of intake and exhaust upgrades. Some claim implausible gains, others point to negative effects from universal Ebay kits and well-known brands alike. But few have the time, money or ability to test these claims on a dyno. At SLP our products are designed and engineered using OEM data and are calibrated specifically to their application. We know our parts have a positive effect because we test them.

Here we have some results from Dyno testing for our 1LE Camaro BlackWing Intake and our 2010 to 2014 Camaro V8 Loud Mouth Axle Back Exhaust. We tested both parts separately and together as a package.

First up was our 1LE BlackWing intake where we achieved an increase in 9HP over stock past 5,300 RPM.BOTHvsStock

Next we ran the Loud Mouth Exhaust alone which added 6HP and an impressive 13LBs-ft of torque over 4000 RPM.LMEXHvsStock-31211

Last we ran both together and got a solid increase of 14HP and 14LBs-ft or torque from 4000 RPMBOTHvsStock

The interesting thing about these numbers is the fact that seemingly all the gains happen at 4000 RPM or over. This shows that while Stock intake and exhausts are good at maintaining flow at lower RPM’s typical for relaxed daily driving, at higher RPMs, and in aggressive situations the stock systems begin to show restriction. With a BlackWing Intake and Loud Mouth exhaust on your 1LE Camaro you get superior fitment, materials, style and sound. But beyond that you get added performance that can give you an edge over stock on track or at the strip.

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